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Message from the
 founder and Md

abc group md

Can a business simply strive on ‘Win-Win’ principle ?
This is the thought I had years ago.

ABC began operation during the year 1998. Our dedication and commitment to serve our customers with nothing but the best, has made ABC the global phenomenon it is today. We had our lows; but had strived and innovated ourselves every time. Today, we serve our customers with a wide range of international and in-house brands both nationally and internationally. I can proudly state that we have touched a million lives globally by serving them the best and YES; a business can solely survive on ‘Win-Win’ principle and achieve greatness.

Muhammed Madani

Our Core Purpose

To Help People
Transform their World

Our Values

Relationship for life

ABC has a lifelong commitment to its customers, employees,stakeholders, vendors and well-wishers. We are committed to help them to lead a happier, longer and fulfilling life.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

ABC provides customer experience that is not just the best, but exceptional. We relentlessly deliver innovative and enduring products and services that are on par, thus ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

Teamwork for Excellence

For us maintaining excellence is the norm. We are powered by a team that has outgrown individual performance and has made achieving excellence a part of their everyday activity.

Futuristic and Innovative

ABC rises up to a fresh world of ideas and a new way of life. It proudly brings state-of-the-art designs & products from expertise across the world and spread innovative ideas.

Responsible & Result Oriented

We are committed to deliver result oriented products & services - we believe that, our success is depended upon responsibility to the society

Win-win Cooperation

We always achieved success through its unique ‘Win - Win’ strategy. Our customers, employees, stakeholders and vendors will reap the benefits of happiness and good life. ABC strives to provide its customers with exceptional service.

Become a Trade Partner

Take a prestigious opportunity today to own the most successful and rapidly growing Dealership Program. We are committed to the supply of construction materials with high standards. We always ensure that the quality standards are enhanced along with the market trend.

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